Relationship Reboot

A four week online course to create a better and more emotionally intimate connection with your partner. Each week there are connection skills that are research based for you to learn and practice. Changes are likely to happen quickly in you and your relationship as you practice these skills! Being consistent and having a positive mindset is necessary for you to succeed. Give your brain positive messages of your intentions to succeed at these skills. Many of the skills are transferable to other people you care about in your life too. Enjoy the course. Go forth and be wonderful!

As a bonus, I'm also offering weekly worksheets AND a free guide to help you learn to speak to your partner in a way that makes it easier for them to hear you. 


* A caveat is necessary for this program. It is not meant for relationships that have addictions or violence. That is for marriage counselling. This is not counselling nor is it meant to be. It is coaching and teaching to help you develop connection skills.

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Connection is so important to our wellbeing and you'll develop skills & tips for better communication and understanding.

Made for couples looking to improve their relationships.


Follow the online course one week at a time, with bonus worksheets to help keep you on track.

The course is yours to keep in your own Library to review whenever you like! Any new courses you purchase will all be available to you in your Library.

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