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"Love is a game that two can play and both win." Eva Gabor

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  • Feel like there is no hope in your relationship?
  • Long for a loving relationship?
  • Wish you could connect with your partner like you used to?


Relationships are worth the investment of your time and resources. The alternatives are much more costly to our families and ourselves! Give your relationship the gift of new knowledge.

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If you have reached this website you are likely experiencing distress in your relationship. You may feel as if you have tried everything. You are not alone. Stressors in today’s lifestyles make creating the meaning and emotional intimacy that we long for in relationships a difficult task.

Marital research today gives hope for ailing relationships. You can become a master of relationships, instead of the current disaster! When you are ready and willing relationship counselling does work!

You may see yourself as normally managing well in your life and when the relationship breaks down, you begin to believe that there must be something inherently wrong with your partner or your partnership. John Gottman, a well known marital researcher, reports that the more overwhelmed your relationship becomes, the less access either of you has to your natural problem solving abilities.

The counselling process creates the space where principles and skills can be learned to renew your marital friendship, renegotiate your relationship and create a problem solving atmosphere that draws you closer together rather than driving you apart.

Tools You Can Use

I work with people who really want to live their lives in a way that has mattered. There are many reasons why this may have been difficult for you so far, but there are opportunities to get on a new path. Wherever you are now, the practice for living is done. Now is the time to have words such as values, meaning, contribution, significance, abundance, joy and fulfillment as part of your everyday life. I look forward to connecting & providing you with quality, proven skills to live your best life.

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Are You a Match?

Are you a match for High Performance Coaching? Do you know what High Performance Coaching is? It's about re-aligning your thoughts and behaviours so that you can experience growth, well-being and fulfillment as you move forward.


The Success Path to Living Fully

Join us for an ongoing, monthly, private learning community dedicated to your unique and consistent growth. Each of the areas of your life are possibilities to focus your growth energies on. Once you have your personal goal, you will enter a success path that gives you stages to help you get results. When you feel satisfied you have moved forward, you will choose another goal, in the same area such as relationships or you will choose another goal, such as in the area of health, or lifestyle or others.

The big benefit of the membership other than being success focused, is the accountability and support of the community as well as monthly teachings, expert interviews and lifestyle enrichments.


Make Some Magic

We all want to be connected. Create a better and more loving relationship with your partner. Learn how!


Start Something New

It's never too late to learn new things and it's never too late to start. Your catalyst for a new beginning  NOW! 


Write It Out

Journaling can help manage anxiety, reduce stress & cope with depression. Get my FREE Gems of Journaling guide to learn more!


Life is beautiful.

Isn't life great? So many choices. Oscar Wilde said "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." Don't settle for less than you deserve, choose to live with intent and joy in all areas of your life.

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