Feeling like there is no hope in your relationship?

  Longing for a loving relationship?

  Wish you could connect with your partner like you used to?

 If you have reached this website you are likely experiencing distress in your relationship. You may feel as if you have tried everything. You are not alone. Stressors in today’s lifestyles make creating the meaning and emotional intimacy that we long for in relationships a difficult task.

Marital research today gives hope for ailing relationships. You can become a master of relationships, instead of the current disaster! When you are ready and willing relationship counselling does work! You may see yourself as normally managing well in your life and when the relationship breaks down, you begin to believe that there must be something inherently wrong with your partner or your partnership. John Gottman, a well known marital researcher, reports that the more overwhelmed your relationship becomes, the less access either of you has to your natural problem solving abilities. The counselling process creates the space where principles and skills can be learned to renew your marital friendship, renegotiate your relationship and create a problem solving atmosphere that draws you closer together rather than driving you apart.


 Testimonial: My marriage was on the verge of collapsing when my husband and I came to Lynda for counselling. We were struggling with the revelation of my recent extramarital affair. To be honest, I wasn’t very optimistic about the process, having seen a counsellor in the past, and without any success. However, Lynda’s approach was so different – so practical and effective – that my attitude and my marriage quickly improved. Now, less than one year later, and thanks to Lynda, I can honestly say that we are happy and our relationship is healthier and stronger than it ever was.


Relationships are worth the investment of your time and resources. The alternatives are much more costly to our families and ourselves! Give your relationship the gift of new knowledge.


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