Heart Mending Skills

You've found yourself in the unwanted position of going through the pain of a separation or divorce.  What now?

Learn to heal and reshape your life without your partner while finding purpose and joy.


Separation and a possible divorce is a time of feeling abandoned, betrayed, shocked, shut out and powerless to stop it.

You experience feeling anchorless & fearful for the future.

Your thoughts and feelings are overwhelming and you are overcome with regret.

You are in between wanting to keep hope that a miracle will occur and despair as your partner further emotionally disconnects.

This new course is for you.

It will help you to restore your life, refocussing on your healthy growth. Self education is one of the best things you can do during this difficult time.


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What results can you expect?

A reshaping of your life without your partner

Learn and experience restorative skills

Mend your heart through grief

Rebuild who you are

Stop your negative mind loop

Find a new purpose

Learn to have joy

Re-establish your life anchors

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One Payment

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Pay per Month

$550 x2

Two Payments

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  • 5% taxes not included

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  • 'Gems of Journaling'
  • Coaching session around this topic on Sept 7 at 3pm PST.
  • Sign up now until Sept 7 to receive this bonus AND BONUS 2.


  • 'Understanding Myself & Others in Relationships Using a Personality Type Inventory'
  • Coaching session on Sept 14 at 3pm PST.
  • Sign up on Sept 8 until Sept 14 to receive this bonus.

 Official start date for course is September 16th.