Enrich Your Life With Greater Self-Confidence

Low self-confidence is co-related to low self-esteem and "Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand brake on." - Maxwell Maltz

So many people struggle with low self-confidence levels yet there are strategies we can learn & develop to increase our confidence level. 

Retrain your brain to be self confident & learn how to give yourself permission to do this. If you're interested in self-growth, now is a great time to do this online program!



Work Online At Home

My program uses scientifically proven methods that you can work on in your own home, no need to book an appointment.

Easy Monthly Tools

Each month you will have access to new material you can learn and build on to increase your self-confidence. Download & print for fun daily tracking.

Visualize Positive Change

Over time, you will see the positive changes you have achieved. Having a healthy level of self-confidence creates success in both your personal and professional lives.

"Lynda Chalmers has been a dynamic force in my life since I first met her & hired her as a coach to help me find my way. I have gone from being lost and unsure to a successful artist with goals that have led me back to my childhood aspirations. If it wasn’t for Lynda and her level headed, relentless guidance I would never have picked up a paint brush or written a book. She has taken me and made me see myself in a new way, helping me define who I want to be and what I need to get there. I am an unfinished work at this time but with Lynda’s help I at least know where I want to go & how I am going to get there. I count Lynda as one of the great blessings in my life and the silver lining of the episodes that led me to her. I am grateful that destiny brought us together and she led me out of the darkness and helped me see the light. "

Catherine P.
Artist, Creating visuals to share the joy I find in nature around me. Find me at Instagram @catpat58

"I chose to purchase the mood mastery program because I have had a loud voice of anxiety which led to insecurities and people pleasing. I enjoy the colouring because it helps you to want to be positive and you can see the results daily and monthly. What I like most is the different tools and techniques which are presented monthly to help you to improve. It has been most beneficial to work through my issues and move to making my goals come true. The time it took to work through the tools each day helped me to stay committed. The steps were well laid out and kept me accountable. Overall I have improved in my mood, anxiety and insecurities. I feel more relaxed and content and even after a year I still love to see my results in the daily colouring."

S. Nicholson

"Lynda's executive coaching has been a blessing! I have enjoyed the coaching and found it to be very helpful and valuable to me in providing much needed direction and inspiration. Lynda is an expert motivator, cheerleader and strategist - my marketing efforts as a therapist have hugely benefited from her insight and guidance. She has been an amazing coach and caring mentor, and her uplifting and fun personality makes the challenging process of looking within, most enjoyable. I have worked with a counsellor for years, but find that having a coach is the smartest business decision I have made, keeping me on track with my business and marketing efforts. I highly recommend Lynda's coaching program and feel that everyone would benefit from having consistent support and someone in their corner. - Tracey Gramm | 778-389-9234 | http://www.innerwisdomexpressivearts.com "

Tracey Gramm
Expressive Arts Therapist and Counsellor

It's Well Worth The Effort!

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