Creating Successful Marital Conversations Products


As I have been doing therapy for more than 20 years, I have realized that clients sometimes need more in the way of homework help. One of the challenges that couples most often have is in the area of communication. Even couples who have a satisfying relationship often need to improve their communication. One person will often have more of a voice then the other, or one is more of a pleaser and lets many things go in the relationship until suddenly in midlife they are done. Other couples have simply never learned the skills of communication or of having a voice in a relationship.

After having so many clients with painful communications in my practice, I realized that this issue is one that needs some extra practice at home. Couples tell me how much they would like to resolve issues together, how they wish they could have some successful conversations where they are on the same team even though they have differing opinions or needs. It is not easy but the effort to learn the skills of how to communicate is worthwhile.

To this end, I have created some products on communication.


6 Steps for Negotiating Change


The first is called, Creating Satisfying Marital Conversations: 6 Steps for Negotiating Change. This is a workbook and an MP3 Audio educational product for the basics for making good communication happen in your marriage. Click to visit my Creating Satisfying Marital Conversations website and to order this workbook and CD.



The second product is FREE and is called Creating Satisfying Marital Conversations: The Pithy Little Book of Communication Rules. This eBook is important for those who, despite their good intentions, find their conversations become derailed each time they are communicating in their intimate relationships. This little book is filled with rules to help your conversations to go smoothly. Remember it is not the issues that are usually the problem in a relationship but more about how you process your issues in the relationship. Click to visit my Creating Satisfying Marital Conversations website to order this book.