Virtual Web based Coaching Services and Telephone Coaching

As the world is rapidly changing, couples and individuals are often looking for alternative ways of getting help then the usual 50 minute counselling hour. To meet this ever growing need, I have a number of different ways that people can be served. Please visit my coaching site in order to take advantage of a number of different ways that your need can be met.

Want to know what the difference is between coaching and counselling? You will notice that the difference is not as cut and dried as the words make the differences out to be. There is always some grey but the intentions are different. And whether or not coaching is for you?

There is more of a past versus a future orientation in the process of counselling: Therapy focusses on the past and assumes there is a problem that accompanies some pain that needs to be solved. The session is spent on the problem and its possible solution, using techniques that a therapist has learned from psychological research and clinical training. In coaching, it is assumed that clients are capable of living their life well but are looking to increase their potential for happiness or living their lives to the full. They are looking for someone with life experience who can help them to achieve their potential.

Why clients come to see a therapist versus a coach: People go to a therapist in order to have a professional who knows more then they know about their problem and who will hopefully lead them to a solution that will relieve their challenges. People go to a coach looking for a partner or facilitator to help them to keep on track to fulfill their dreams or aspirations.

When I am doing therapy itself, I am more likely to be in the grey area of therapy and coaching with more of a future orientation and collaboration with clients, however, coaching is definitely more likely to be about action and immediate outcome then therapy is.

Should you be doing therapy or coaching?

Therapy is for people who are have unresolved and more serious emotional or physical problems that negatively impact their day to day living. Sometimes there can be a DSM diagnosis attached to their challenges, but not necessarily. Coaching is not a substitute for therapy but can be done together as long as your therapist and coach know what is happening in your life.  Coaching is for people who are already basically successful, well adjusted and emotionally healthy. Their everyday lives go well but they are reaching for more.

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