About Lynda

Lynda Chalmers
MA Registered Clinical Counsellor


I particularly have a passion for supporting couples in therapy. I love to see them find places of hope and transformation in their relationships. I am continually drawn to my profession because of the meaning and depth of connection that I experience with my clients as they go through therapy. I love the journey of discovery that unfolds as my clients honour me with their openness and share the discoveries and changes that they make along the way.

I see therapy as a creative expression of both the person who comes to see me, as well as the person that I am. Together we work to find hope so that a new and more vibrant life is developed.

I have a commitment to life long learning and continue to enjoy developing my personal and professional skills by taking advantage of opportunities for further education on an ongoing basis. I am currently involved in a Masters program of spiritual development and find it fascinating.

I currently work as a therapist in my own private practice, full time. I have recently retired from my long term, part time therapy work with a local Mental Health clinic. I have years of experience working with a diverse population, including experience with children, youth, individual adults, couples and families. I have recently been a consultant for 50 and above individuals who are using online dating where I try to help couples who are trying to navigate a relationship that begins online. I am also moving into coaching as a part time adventure for people in relationships who prefer that format.

Additionally, I have extensive experience teaching counselling skills and other related subjects at Kwantlen University (Surrey& Richmond Campuses), Douglas College, University of British Columbia. British Columbia, Delta Hospital, Vancouver Volunteer Agency, Tsawwassen First Nations Reservation, Vancouver Law Offices, Jewish Community Family Services, and various other lower mainland faith based organizations. I have in-depth experience facilitating retreats and workshops, both in BC and in Washington State. Additionally, I continue to enjoy supervising other counsellors, working with both volunteers and professionals. I regularly supervise a number of therapists in their work with clients who struggle with mental health issues, and other challenges.

My professional training includes a BA in Psychology and an MA in Counselling Psychology from the University of British Columbia. I have also had training from Layola Marymount University, as well as extensive training in a number of areas such as Advanced Gottman Couples Therapy, CBT-Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, EMDR Trauma Therapy, One Eye Integration Trauma Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, Satir Family Therapy, Conflict Resolution, Jungian Dream Analysis, Myers Briggs Personality Type, Residential Abuse, Clinical Hypnosis. I have been greatly influenced by my supervisors whose main theoretical stances were in the areas of Psychodynamic Therapy, Rogerian Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Jungian Play Therapy, Satir Therapy and Clinical Hypnosis Therapy.


I am so blessed to have a great family and five grandchildren
whom I love to be with, as well as a wide network of friendships
that I value and which serve to keep me grounded and
provide a wonderful sense of community.