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6 Weeks to a More Romantic Relationship

After working with couples for some 20 years, I have noticed that men and women have different spoken desires for romance. Women most often long to have their partners confirm for them that they are loved on an ongoing basis. They need to hear and know that their partner thinks about them and values who they are, even after some years of marriage. They are looking for 'spice' in their relationship. Men will often say, "but you know I love you". This difference between you may have caused hurt in your relationship. But it can easily be changed when couples actually do the process of romance. I love being the one who gets to see this amazing transformation while helping couples. That is why I created this program of romance for men. You too may have noticed this difference between you in your relationship and you may have even experienced the following:

Your partner may have complained:
Why can't you be more romantic?
What happened to the fun lovin' feelings we used to enjoy?
Why can't you be more like John? He just planned such a fun date night for Jane...
You used to do romantic things when we first knew each other but now I am lucky if I get a card a year that says “I love you.”
You may have felt:
  It’s just not me - I'm not that kind of guy
Inside you are saying “I don't know where to start”
The words don't come easy for me
The whole romance thing feels unnatural
You have felt criticized in the past and you are afraid you may fail again
It just seems like too big of a project – “I don't know if I have the time right now”
I can't meet those expectations
With this program you have the potential:
  ● to overcome your negative feelings about yourself as romantic
● to see the love that you are extending to your partner being mirrored back at you in the eyes they show you
● to feel harmony between you
● to feel your own love and passion being rekindled in your relationship
● to find new ability to create work/life balance knowing your relationship is going well
● to become a master at romance - see yourself becoming the lover that your partner has wanted you to become
● to see your relationship revive and thrive
Remember - in this Program:
  We have given you simple, playful, romantic gestures and have even sent you reminders 3x a week. You LOOK spontaneous, playful and romantic.

● The program itself seeks to ease you into romance with a sense of safety and effectiveness.

● The learning curve risk is minimal as you begin the process without too much face to face contact and eventually move towards more face to face as you get more comfortable.

● The program is designed to nurture and call out to the playful in you - feel yourself being almost effortlessly changing towards being more romantic.

● You do not need to absolutely follow the romantic tip-of-the-day but let it inspire you to do something romantic - you and your partner's way!

● Expect to enjoy the process - it will not only change and soften your relationship, it will start to change you inside, moving you towards a more satisfying relationship
What have others reported about the Program?
  One man said, "I am coming to realize how this stuff works. I wish I had known this before. I see we are not so different. What she wants, I really want too. Our relationship is so much warmer than it was two months ago. It wasn't easy but step-by-step - it worked for me.”

Another said, "I always wanted to love well - I had the desire but I just couldn't make the moves to make it happen. It wasn't so hard when I could do it in an easy sort of paced way - I'm not all the way there yet, but I feel more confident and I realize that my wife is really open - more than I thought".
What to expect:
  1. When you first begin, you will receive a link with some welcome pages filled with information to get you on the right track towards romance. This includes information about languages of love and other extra hints you need to make you successful.

2. You will either choose to have 6 weeks of automatic push notifications (text messages) on your mobile phone or 6 weeks of automatic emails. You will make that choice after you sign up on the button below.

3. You will receive three notifications of possible romantic gestures in a week for the six weeks.

4. You will purchase a notebook/journal to write love messages to your partner a couple of times a week for the duration of the six weeks. Information about this will be given to you.

5. Don't worry - you will be supported in choosing these written messages by many examples of characteristics to choose from and ways to say things until you get used to the 'how to'.
Bonus at the end of the Program

For those who complete the Program and write the answers to a couple of questions to inspire others, there will be a follow-up eBook that you can download immediately. The Bonus book, "Dating your Mate and Making it Great", is a book to help spark ideas for inexpensive dates. This will help you to make this 'romance thing' an evolving part of your life and relationship.
Who am I?
  My name is Lynda Chalmers and I have been counselling individuals and couples successfully for more than 20 years. The issue of romance comes up more than you can imagine and I am genuinely excited for you to give this program a try and have you experience for yourself the changes that are possible. Are you ready to join us?
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